Monday, July 12, 2021

Ancient Assyrian Matryoshka


Ancient Assyrian

Hello! I hope you and yours are well. This is my latest drawing an Ancient Assyrian Matryoshka. She is my second Assyrian drawing and is now available in my shop as different size prints, a downloadable coloring sheet, and merchandise is available in my zazzle shop. I hope you visit my shops and have a look! :)



Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Mauritian Indian Diaspora


Hello! I have a new drawing to show you, my Mauritian Indian Diaspora Matryoshka. She is now available in my shop as different size prints, a downloadable coloring sheet, and merchandise is available in my zazzle shop. I hope you like her as much as I enjoyed drawing her! Please hop on over to my shops and have a look. 

If you signed up for "Follow by Email" on my blog and get my blog posts in your email inbox, I'm sorry to say the email subscription service will be discontinued in July 2021. Please visit my blog or follow me on one of my social media sites to keep up with my latest work. :)



Thursday, December 3, 2020


Model Train Layout Printable

Hello and happy holidays! It's been a long time. I hope you all are well. I have been very busy the last few months designing some new printables. Over the summer as I was contemplating the upcoming holiday season, I thought about our circumstances during the pandemic. We have been avoiding going out shopping and mostly shopping online and I wondered how parents would be feeling come December about shopping for the holidays. I decided I wanted to create more printable toys. Toys that could be printed and gifted to kids to make on their own or as a project to do with their parents, or could be constructed and placed under the Christmas tree, or for whatever holiday you will be celebrating. I immediately had two ideas, a car wash for playing with toy cars, and a train layout that is designed so that the train stays on the track without falling off.


And so I got to designing and here's what I came up with, a Toy Car Wash Printable that has a building with brushes hanging from the ceiling, and a road strip to pull a toy car through the car wash with. I also included a play mat with road and parking spaces for the waiting car wash customers. To play, role your toy car onto the road strip until the front tires go over the bump in the strip then pull the strip through the car wash (you supply the toy cars).



My Model Train Layout Printable is a train layout of a small town scene, that includes a flat, two sided steam engine train that stands and goes around the track when pulled, with a train bridge over a river, roads and landscaping. Also included are detailed 3-D buildings, a water tower, houses and playground. Once assembled and glued, all pieces stay on layout and train and tire swing still move. A fun project for train lovers, model makers, and paper crafters. 

Other printables available in my shop for the holidays include gift/favor boxes, coloring books, jack in the boxes, a matching game, a sugar plum fairy ornament, and printable art. I hope you hop on over to my shop and have a look. :)


Thursday, August 13, 2020

Beach and Sea

Mermaid Family art print

Mermaid Family coloring page printable

Hello, I have a couple of new items in my shop to tell you about. First, my Mermaid Family drawing! The most detailed drawing I've ever done, inspired by my beautiful friend and muse Elena and her little boys. They are in a coral reef sea garden surrounded by a sea kelp forest with all sorts of sea creatures! Figure drawing is my favorite thing to draw and feels most natural for me. The human form is so beautiful. I know this is a mermaid, but still. This also fulfilled a landscape (or in this case a seascape) drawing I have wanted to explore for a long time. I hope you like my Mermaid Family as much as I do! Available now in my shop as a color print and as a coloring page printable.
Also new in my shop "Where was that? Beach Matching Game" printable, a forty piece picture card matching game featuring my original drawings. It includes twenty pairs of matching 2 inches square picture cards and a cute 2 1/4 inches square and 5/8 of an inch tall box for storage. It’s great memory skills fun and it’s the perfect size to stuff in a Christmas stocking, travel with, use as party favors or give as gifts.

Monday, July 20, 2020

Staying Cool in the Summer Heat

Sweet Escape printable file

Hello! We have been experiencing hot days here, so time for some cool thoughts! I've made my Sweet Escape drawing available in my shop as a printable file. Just purchase and instantly download for a sweet and whimsical anthropomorphic art print. A cute, colorful addition to any kitchen!

Ice Cream Cone Favor Boxes printable file

I have been craving ice cream and have decided to serve ice cream instead of birthday cake this year (my birthday is in August so I'm planning ahead). In the meantime we'll enjoy my ice cream cone favor boxes! Great for holding candies, trinkets or small gifts.
Matryoshka at the Beach coloring sheet printable file
The heat also has me dreaming of beach visits! My Matryoshka is enjoying her day at the beach in this coloring sheet printable file.

Cutie Patooties Mini Zine printable file
Since it's too hot to go outside and play, here's a mini zine to make and enjoy! This mostly picture book only takes one piece of paper, some folding, one scissor cut and you have a mini zine (book). It's a combination of photos of vintage toys and my original illustrations. Fun to make and enjoy with your little ones this summer or make up a batch as party favors to share with friends, or stick in a stocking or on a gift this holiday season!

To check out any of these items just click on the images above or the links below them.

I hope you and your loved ones are well. I look forward to posting again soon.


Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Early Summer

Summer Elena Printable
Hello! Continuing my seasons series, this is my Summer Elena drawing. A color version and a black and white coloring sheet are both available in my shop for download.
1920s Bride Prints
Usually this time of year is full of weddings. Since much of life is postponed, I thought I would draw a bride inspired by brides of the past. I found the huge flower and fern bouquets and voluminous veils of the 1920s very inspiring. My 1920s Bride is available in print form as a full length, or a close-up portrait. Yes, prints are again available in my shop!

Jack in the Box Printable
Knowing kids are home, parents looking for fun activities, and many purse strings tighter than usual I've lowered the price of my printable toy crafts, party supplies and coloring sheets. In the US, my Jack in the Box in red, white and blue would make a fun activity for The Fourth of July.

Strawberry Favor Boxes Printable
It's warm weather here and that makes me think of fruit, fruit salads, and fruit deserts. My Strawberry Favor Boxes are a cute fruit that will last past the season. Print and use for gift or party favor boxes then use them as trinket boxes. I know I put my hair bands somewhere... Oh yeah, they are in my strawberry box!

I hope you and your loved ones are well or soon to be. Those of you who have experienced loss during this time are in my thoughts.

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Spring Elena

Spring Elena
Hello! Hope you and your loved ones are well or on the mend. Thought we could all use some bright happy colors and a reminder to look out the window and enjoy nature. It's springtime where I am and in honor of the spring and new beginnings I thought I would do something different, something new. So I've started a series of drawings inspired by the seasons. This first one and all of them will be 8.5"x11" layouts and available as a printable file to instantly download and print yourself. "Spring Elena" is now available in my Etsy shop and my dot com at a considerably lower price than my prints. I'm able to do this because I won't be incurring the printing costs or the shipping fees (since I have always offered free shipping). Also, I have temporarily removed my prints from my shop. I will relist them once social distancing measures are no longer needed.

Spring Elena Coloring Page
Also a "Spring Elena" printable coloring page is available in my Etsy shop and my dot com (regularly priced). My cultural matryoshka coloring sheets, coloring books, and craft and party supply printables are still available in my shops as well.


Thursday, February 20, 2020

Ghanaian Matryoshka

Ghanaian Matryoshka
Hello and a belated Happy New Year to you! I'm starting off 2020 with a new drawing, my Ghanaian Matryoshka. Prints in various sizes are now available in my shop. Other merchandise, such as postcards, cards, T-shirts, baby body suits, tote bags, and phone cases are available in my zazzle shop. Also, in my shop, a Ghanaian instant download coloring sheet. This is one of many African cultures I have drawn and I hope to draw many more. Items are listed by culture in alphabetical order in my shops and on pinterest.


Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Autumn Greetings!

Owl favor box instant download printable
Hello, it's autumn here. Cooler days and nights, autumn festivals, holidays, and parties to look forward to. So far we've attended a fair, and visited our favorite pumpkin patch. It's inspired me to create some festive party favors! Above is my Owl favor box.
Bat favor box instant download printable
And this is my Bat favor box, topping a Gothic dinner party place setting.
Sugar Skull, Day of the Dead favor box instant download printable
Also, my Mexican inspired Sugar Skull favor box. All my boxes are instant download upon purchase. Just print, cut out, easily construct (just one tab to glue), and fill with treats for your guests!
Dress Up Owl sheet instant download printable
And lastly, is my Dress Up Owl coloring and activity sheet printable. Also available for instant download in my shop. Fun to color, cut out and play dress up Owl! Makes a hoot of a place setting mat/sheet and party activity/favor.

Do you enjoy fall too? What are some things you like to do in the fall? Let me know in the comments. :)


Monday, September 10, 2018

Dominican Matryoshka

Dominican Matryoshka drawing
Hello! Summer is winding down and I don't mind because I love autumn! I can't wait for the beautiful autumn leaves here in North Carolina. I hope all is well with you. I would like to introduce you to my newest drawing, a Dominican Matryoshka! Prints in a variety of sizes and a coloring sheet (a printable to download) are now available in my shop. While doing research for this drawing I came across many images on the web and saved them to a pinterest board. Merchandise featuring this new drawing such as postcards, note cards, tote bags, and phone cases are available in my zazzle shop. Other of my Caribbean culture matryoshka drawings you might be interested in are: Taino of Boriken Puerto Rico, Cuban, and Jamaican.
Ice Cream Cone Favor Boxes printable file
Also, new to my shop since my last blog post are Ice Cream Cone Favor Boxes, as a printable file for download (all four flavors included)! If you're wondering if I also have matryoshka boxes, yes I do! To see all my crafts and party favors please click here.


Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Bolivian, Aymara Matryoshka & a BOGO Sale!

Bolivian, Aymara Matryoshka
Hello! I have been busy with a new drawing, an Aymara of Bolivia! Prints in a variety of sizes are now available in my shop. Also in my shop is a printable coloring sheet for download.
Bolivian, Aymara Matryoshka printable coloring sheet
Other merchandise such as postcards, note cards, tote bags, and phone cases are available in my zazzle shop. If there are other products you would like to see this drawing on, or any other of my drawings on, please let me know! This is my ninth South American drawing! Previously I've drawn an Argentine, a Bahia Brazilian, a Chilean, three Colombian, a Peruvian, and a Venezuelan.
Also, I'm having a Summer BOGO sale! Buy One Get One of the same or lesser value FREE! Now at: &
When you put an item in your cart there is a place under the item to leave me a message. Just type in the name and size (when applicable) of an item of equal or lesser value you want for FREE, then make your purchase. I will include the FREE item when I ship your order or if the FREE item is a file, please give me your email address to email it to you. No limit on number of purchases. Offer available now through August 31, 2018.

So I hope you check out my new drawing and take advantage of my summer BOGO sale! Thank you! :)


Thursday, April 5, 2018

Sami Matryoshka

Sami with brown hair
Sami with blonde hair
Hello! I have a new drawing with two versions to choose from, a Sami with brown hair and one with blonde hair. Prints in a variety of sizes and a printable coloring sheet are now available in my Etsy shop and dot com. Merchandise such as cards, postcards, postage stamps, tote bags and phone cases are available in my zazzle shop.

Sami Matryoshka coloring sheet printable
I receive many suggestions of cultures to draw. Whenever I receive a suggestion I add it to my suggestions list (you can see it in the right hand column of my blog). I work almost exclusively from this list in the order I receive the suggestions. I have always looked forward to getting to this suggestion. I had known the Sami people for their reindeer herding and I'm a nut for Christmas. So you know, "The Reindeer People" I couldn't wait! Well, I hyped myself up about it for so many years that when I finally got to it. . . it was a little intimidating. Luckily one of my collectors who suggested I draw a Sami sent me images to inspire me and gave me some good direction. I really couldn't do this without you all. Thank you for all your continued support! :)


Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Ancient Greek Matryoshka

Ancient Greek Matryoshka
Hello! My latest drawing is an Ancient Greek. She is different from my previous matryoshka drawings in that she is my first profile view. I didn't have to draw her face in profile but many of the examples of ancient Greek artwork depict the profile view and I felt them most inspiring. Also, she is one of the few "ancient" cultural drawings I've done. My first ancient was my Roman Goddess Juno that I drew and blogged about back in 2011. Then in 2014 I drew and blogged about Queen Esther from the book of Esther in the Bible. Also, I see on my suggestions list that I'm four drawings away from drawing an Ancient Assyrian.
Roman Goddess Juno
Queen Esther
As I mentioned, I work from a list of suggestions I get from wonderful people like you from around the world. They contact me on my blog, through social media or through my shops. When I get a suggestion I put it on my list (located in the right hand column of my blog). I work on the list in the order I receive the suggestions. So far I've drawn over 100 cultures, and have over 30 suggestions waiting for me to draw at any given time. I've had so many suggestions it takes quite a while from the time I receive the suggestion to the time I actually get a chance to draw them. People have been remarkably patient and continue to send me suggestions along with photos of the cultures they request. Please, keep your suggestions coming and thank you for your support!

Ancient Greek prints in a variety of sizes are now available in my shop. Merchandise such as postage stamps, postcards, note cards, tote bags, and phone cases are available in my Zazzle shop. Also, coloring sheet instant download files are available in my shop as well.
Ancient Greek coloring sheet file
Roman Goddess Juno coloring sheet file
Queen Esther coloring sheet file
I hope you like my new drawing! If you would like to keep up with my progress you can receive my blog posts by email by signing up in the right hand column of my blog where it says, "Follow by email" (if you haven't already). Also, below are my social media links. Thanks again! :)


Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Two New Spaniard Matryoshkas

Souvenirs my Grandmother brought back from Spain.
Hello, and Happy Valentine's Day to you! I recently found myself looking again at some souvenirs my Grandmother brought back from Spain. I've loved these Flamenco dancers since I was a child: the dolls, fan, and embroidered postcards. I decided to photograph them to share with you some of the things from my childhood that first sparked my curiosity in cultures and ultimately would inspire my work as an adult.

My Grandpa Charles was in the US military and he, my Grandma and their daughters (the oldest is my mother) were stationed and traveled all over the world. Their home was filled with interesting items from their travels. Looking at these items from Spain I started to think, "I really should draw a couple more Flamenco dancers!" So I did, a pink dress version and a red dress version.
Spaniard Pink Dress Matryoshka
Spaniard Red Dress Matryoshka
These new drawings are now available in a variety of sizes in my shop and on merchandise in my zazzle shop. Also available is a new instant download coloring sheet.
Spaniard Matryoshka Coloring Sheet 2nd version
 And just as a reminder, below is my first Spaniard Matryoshka.
Spaniard Green Dress Matryoshka
Do you have a collection of cultural items from your cultural heritage or a culture you are interested in? I love to receive photos from my customers of my artwork displayed with cultural items!! If you do, please take a photo and send it to me on Etsy or Facebook.

My next drawing will come from my suggestions list (in the right hand column of my blog). I recently updated the list to include all suggestions I've received to date. If there is another culture you would like me to add to the list please let me know. Photos of examples of traditional cultural dress are always helpful and appreciated too! :)