Saturday, February 28, 2015

Marshallese Matryoshka

Marshallese Matryoshka
Hello! Now listed in my shop are prints and a downloadable coloring sheet for my newest drawing; a Marshallese Matryoshka. I hope you like her! :)

She is inspired by the Marshall Islands, a rich culture in need of respect and preserving. The Marshall Islands are one of the places at risk of vanishing due to climate change, rising temperatures and waters. While doing my research for this culture along with images of this culture, I also found many articles and speeches on the topic of climate change and how it is directly effecting the Marshall Islands. I have pinned a board of images of the people and their islands and videos about how they are on the front lines of climate change. Let us hope the changes to come will be in the hearts and minds of our world leaders of governments and industries to address these problems and save and preserve our Earth and her inhabitants.