Thursday, February 13, 2014

French, Arles, Provence Matryoshka

French, Arles, Provence Matryoshka

Hello! I hope you are having a wonderful day. It is snowing buckets here! 

I have listed in my shop my latest Matryoshka, my French, Arles, Provence Matryoshka! I have had many requests for France and from so many different beautiful cultures within France. So this is my first and I will leave the others on my suggestions list to draw at a future date. You can see this French culture and many others in images I found around the web and pinned to a board here

Beginning with this French Matryoshka, I am changing all Matryoshka listings in my shop to one listing for each culture/nationality. To choose which size you want to purchase look to the right of the listing where it has the name, price, and "Quantity", under those is "Size". Just click on "Select a size" and a drop down window will appear showing all the sizes. Choose the one you want and the price will adjust according to which print size you choose. In the month of March I will begin changing all the listings in my shop to this new, simplified shopping method. If you already have some of my shop's items in your cart, you may want to go ahead and purchase them prior to March because the current listings will disappear and be replaced by the new ones (it may save you having to refill your shopping cart). I hope you like this new shopping experience. I hope it simplifies things and makes shopping with me even more enjoyable.