Thursday, December 3, 2020


Model Train Layout Printable

Hello and happy holidays! It's been a long time. I hope you all are well. I have been very busy the last few months designing some new printables. Over the summer as I was contemplating the upcoming holiday season, I thought about our circumstances during the pandemic. We have been avoiding going out shopping and mostly shopping online and I wondered how parents would be feeling come December about shopping for the holidays. I decided I wanted to create more printable toys. Toys that could be printed and gifted to kids to make on their own or as a project to do with their parents, or could be constructed and placed under the Christmas tree, or for whatever holiday you will be celebrating. I immediately had two ideas, a car wash for playing with toy cars, and a train layout that is designed so that the train stays on the track without falling off.


And so I got to designing and here's what I came up with, a Toy Car Wash Printable that has a building with brushes hanging from the ceiling, and a road strip to pull a toy car through the car wash with. I also included a play mat with road and parking spaces for the waiting car wash customers. To play, role your toy car onto the road strip until the front tires go over the bump in the strip then pull the strip through the car wash (you supply the toy cars).



My Model Train Layout Printable is a train layout of a small town scene, that includes a flat, two sided steam engine train that stands and goes around the track when pulled, with a train bridge over a river, roads and landscaping. Also included are detailed 3-D buildings, a water tower, houses and playground. Once assembled and glued, all pieces stay on layout and train and tire swing still move. A fun project for train lovers, model makers, and paper crafters. 

Other printables available in my shop for the holidays include gift/favor boxes, coloring books, jack in the boxes, a matching game, a sugar plum fairy ornament, and printable art. I hope you hop on over to my shop and have a look. :)