Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Cambodian Girl Matryoshka

This is my latest illustration, a Cambodian Girl Matryoshka! Cambodian women's clothing and gold adornments are so ornate and beautiful. This was a super fun one to draw! My process these days goes pretty much like this— Eureka, good idea! Research, pencil sketch, wait a couple days (noodle time). More research, draw on computer, hopefully sleep on it. Make some adjustments, print out a proof, make any additional adjustments. Then, reveal to you! I hope you like her! :)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bahia Brazilian Matryoshka print

This is my latest drawing a Bahia, Brazilian Matryoshka. I have had requests for a Brazilian Matryoshka. I found the Bahia traditional dress very inspiring. I may do more Brazilian matryoshkas. If you have any particular culture or style of traditional dress you would like me to draw please let me know. Your suggestions are very welcome. :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Skunk with Flower Illustration

"Skunk with Flower" is the second in my new black and white animal series. The first is a "Panda with Bamboo" that I wrote about in my last post. This series of drawings is inspired by infants and their liking high contrast black and white. I hope these animals will grace the walls of some newborns and make them very happy. Not that I'm being picky. I hope people enjoy them regardless of their age. :)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Panda Bamboo Illustration

I was thinking about infants and how they see things and decided a black and white animal series would be fun. My Mother has always told me that she had a wall art piece that was white seashells in the shape of flowers on a black background when I was a baby. She said I loved to stare at it as she rocked me. I hope some little babies will enjoy looking at this panda and its high contrast. Love to the babies and all the panda lovers. :)

Friday, June 4, 2010

Orca Girl!

As I said in my last post, I'm taking part in a collective Etsy shop named "HelpTheGulfCoast". I am donating my Orca Girl 4"x6" print to the shop (along with the Owl Jack in the box I posted about earlier). Also, Kate of FlapperDoodle has a Fab illustration entitled Eloise loves pelicans - 4"x6" art print
Please visit the shop. Also, if you would like to donate an item to be sold in the shop you can contact Kate here.

Help The Gulf Coast

I'm taking part in a collective Etsy shop named "HelpTheGulfCoast". I am donating my Owl in the Box Pop Up DIY PDF toy to the shop. Kate of FlapperDoodle opened the shop and you can read about how the BP oil spill in the Gulf inspired her ( her blog ) to want to help out. I was eager to contribute to the shop when I read Kate's blog post . We believe in conservation and my daughter LOVES animals so much I knew if nothing else I should do it for her.
Please visit the shop. Also, if you would like to donate an item to be sold in the shop you can contact Kate here.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Working on Inventory for the Holiday Season

For the past couple of weeks I've been working, making up lots of items to have in inventory for the 2010 holiday season. This is a picture of all the items I've been stocking up on. I've printed and assembled Russian Doll and Snowman Coloring/Activity Books. Printed, cut out, and packaged Matryoshka Magnets. Also, printed and cut out free promo beehive/cat eyeglasses magnets. And lastly, printed and cutout hearts and pinned my Wolves in Love Pinback Buttons to them. I'll take a break for a week or so (give my hands a rest from scissor cutting) and make up more every couple of weeks throughout the summer. That is the plan anyway. :)

Next I've started sketches on a new series of animal drawings I will preview here as I complete each one.

Thank you for your support of my work. I really appreciate it! :)