Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fabric Sneak Peek!

Bahia Brazilian Matryoshka fabric designs Sneak Peek.
Japanese Geisha Matryoshka fabric designs Sneak Peek.
Guatemalan Girl Matryoshka fabric designs Sneak Peek.
You may have seen my tweets and posts about designing fabric to go with my Matryoshka prints. This is a sneak peek of what I've been up to! :)  The fabric company I'm using for this project offers a variety of different fabric types and weights appropriate for home decor and clothing. I've ordered swatches and they should be here in a couple of weeks and I'm bursting with anticipation!! I'm offering these fabrics so that my collectors can have a way to decorate a room, create clothing, etc. based on the designs in my illustrations.

Some suggested uses:
Accent Pillows
Bed Coverings
Clothing and Costumes
Crib Sets
Shower Curtains
Table Cloths and Cloth Napkins

I have designed one or two fabrics each to go with twelve of my Matryoshka illustrations thus far. Over the next little while, while I wait for the swatches to come, I will post more sneak peeks of the fabric designs. Also, the background color behind each of these Sneak Peeks is a color that exists in the Matryoshka illustration, and I'm showing it here as a possible wall color suggestion.

I've got my eye on the Bahia Brazilian Matryoshka red and white fabric design. I'm thinking it would look lovely as curtains in my kitchen, but the Guatemalan Girl Matryoshka fabric design would be fun too. I have a collection of Blue Ridge Dinnerware hanging around my kitchen that either would work well with.

Based on the results of the swatches I may need to tweak the designs some to perfect them. I just wanted to let you in on what I'm working on and what new things are on their way. I wish you joy! :)