Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Czech Girl Matryoshka

Czech Girl Matryoshka Close-Up Portrait

Czech Girl Matryoshka

My Czech Girl Matryoshka was inspired by the folk dress of the people of Skoronice in the Czech Republic. One of my wonderful customers requested I draw a Czech girl and suggested folk dress from this area that was Moravia. In my research I found lots of lace, puffy sleeves, and black aprons embroidered with colorful flowers.

This matryoshka also has a personal connection because I live in Winston-Salem, NC. The "Salem" comes from a settlement founded by Moravians who settled in North Carolina in the 1700s. It is now the historical Old Salem with restored buildings, museums, shops and gardens. My husband and I were also married in a Moravian church in neighboring Kernersville, NC.

Next on my list of requests is a Ukrainian Girl with blue eyes and brown hair. She should be fun to draw too because the girls traditionally wore wreaths of flowers as a headdress. Please keep the suggestions coming! :)