Thursday, October 11, 2012

Miao, Chinese Matryoshka

Miao, Chinese Matryoshka

Hello! This week I completed my Miao, Chinese Matryoshka! She is my 63rd Matryoshka! To give you an idea of how many culture/nationality suggestions I get, there are currently 38 suggestions on my suggestions list (you can see the list in the right hand column of my blog here) and I haven't updated it with new suggestions that I've received on my blog and from my customers in months! I must do that soon. I've just been working so hard on drawing that I've gotten behind on that sort of thing (it falls under paperwork. . . my vice).

While researching for this illustration I came across many beautiful images on the web and pinned a board here. The silver jewelry for this culture is awesome! There is so much of it, it is almost armor! And the detail of the jewelry and the clothing! Wow! I was speechless. So, needless to say I put a lot of time into this. I hope you like her. All of the items for my Miao, Chinese Matryoshka are now available in my shop, please have a look! :)

Next on the suggestions list is Zulu, South African! You'll be hearing from me again soon with the new illustration! Thank you for your wonderful suggestions! Please keep them coming. There are so many wonderful cultures in our world and I enjoy learning about and illustrating all of them.