Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Korean Floral Fabrics Now Available!

Korean Floral Stripe
Korean Floral Stripe- fabric design inspired by my Korean Matryoshka
Korean Flower
Korean Flower- fabric design inspired by my Korean Matryoshka
I'm so excited about my new fabrics I'm posting twice in one day!! :)

Inspired by my Korean Matryoshka illustration, these two fabric designs are now available on Spoonflower.com (along with the four I uploaded earlier). Read more about my fabric designs and Spoonflower on my earlier post.

My First 4 Fabrics Available Now!

Tibetan Clouds
Tibetan Clouds- Clouds inspired by my Tibetan Matryoshka illustration.

Peruvian Stripes
Peruvian Stripes- Floral stripe inspired by my Peruvian Matryoshka illustration.

Aqua Indian Swirl
Aqua Indian Swirl- Swirl design inspired by my Aqua Indian Girl Matryoshka illustration.

 Pink Hanfu Flower
Pink Hanfu Flower- Floral design inspired by my Pink HanFu Chinese Girl Matryoshka illustration.

Now available on Spoonflower.com my first 4 fabric designs! Inspired by my Matryoshka illustrations, these fabrics are designed to accompany my artwork. Whether you collect my illustration prints to decorate your child's nursery or bedroom, or you display my Matryoshka magnets on your kitchen refrigerator, Spoonflower offers a variety of fabric weights to fit a variety of applications. Perfect for crib sets, bedding, drapery, aprons, whatever your fabric needs. 

Spoonflower suggests (and I do too) you order a test swatch first to check that the colors are what you are expecting. Colors appear different from computer screen to computer screen and also print differently on different printers. So the fabric may not match what you see on your screen or my art prints exactly. By ordering a test swatch first, you can test and see if all the planned colors for your decor are in sync and meet your expectations (good idea when planning an entire room down to the paint for the walls). I don't get a percentage from test swatch orders, I just want happy customers. Happy decorating! :)
More fabric designs to come in the next few days!