Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Taiwanese Bride Matryoshka

Taiwanese Bride Matryoshka

Hello and happy new year to you! I spent January doing paperwork and I am so glad to be back to drawing. February is off to a good start and I've completed my first illustration of 2013 a Taiwanese Bride Matryoshka. I was super excited to draw her because my daughter agreed to pose for me. She was so sweet and helpful. I have drawn her many times and she is my favorite model. She also posed for my Chinese Hanfu and Tibetan Matryoshkas.

pencil sketch for Taiwanese Matryoshka

In my research for this illustration I found many wonderful images of Taiwanese brides and made a board of them here.

I am in love with the color combinations of the sky blue and cherry red in the traditional Taiwanese bridal dress. Also, the detail of the fabulous headdress was quite fun to draw. I hope you like her! Please visit my shop to see all the items I have featuring this illustration.