Friday, March 14, 2014

Mongolian Matryoshka

Mongolian Matryoshka
Hello! I am very excited to bring you my latest drawing a Mongolian Matryoshka! I was inspired by many wonderful images from around the web and pinned them to a board here.

I spent last week changing over the prints in my shop to one item listing for each drawing offering all the different  print size variations and prices available. This reduced the number of pages total in my shop from 21 to 8, making navigation much easier. The coloring sheets have to be listed separately because they are downloadable files. So when you visit my shop, and I hope you will, you will see the first few pages are my prints in alphabetical order and the next few pages are my coloring sheets in alphabetical order. Then following that any other printable files I offer as PDfs. My Mongolian Matryoshka coloring sheet is here.

Because it is only me researching, drawing, listing, updating my various shops and doing all the paperwork, for now I have come up with a simple schedule to make sure I get to all the things that need to be done, one week researching and drawing, one week doing everything else. I am hoping this every other week schedule will keep the paperwork, etc., from piling up. Because I would really rather be drawing and given the choice I choose that every time. So next week I am planning on updating my shop to include all my latest drawings. Also I'll research what new products they are offering that I could add to my shop.

Of course filling orders is still top priority and I will continue to do that first and get orders out in a timely manner. Thank you for your support! :)