Tuesday, June 28, 2011

German Bavarian Matryoshka

German Bavarian Matryoshka

 German Bavarian Matryoshka pencil sketch

This is my latest illustration, my German Bavarian Matryoshka. I have had several requests for a German and specifically a Bavarian Matryoshka. She is wearing a formal style of dress (dirndl) versus a folk/everyday look. I enjoy finding similarities between cultures and this is another silver coin, choker necklace, and apron wearing Matryoshka. I've also included my pencil sketch. I hope she lives up to everyone's expectations and you like her. :)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Roman Goddess Juno Matryoshka

Roman Goddess Juno Matryoshka

As you probably know by now, I welcome suggestions of nationality/ethnicity/culture to draw as Matryoshka. Ancient Roman was suggested, and as I researched I came across beautiful sculptures and paintings depicting the Roman Goddess Juno. As I read about her I knew she was the perfect choice to draw as my Roman Matryoshka! She is described as being associated with femininity, childbearing and marriage. Also, she is often depicted with a peacock, that is why I included the peacock feathers. I hope you like her! :)

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Portuguese Girl Matryoshka 5"x7" print

Chinese Pink Hanfu Girl Matryoshka 5"x7" print

Japanese Geisha Matryoshka 5"x7" print

Hello, I have begun framing and photographing my Matryoshka prints to show examples of what the pieces look like framed and displayed in a home. The Portuguese Girl Matryoshka is lying on a Portuguese Apron my Grandmother bought in Portugal in the 1960's. The Chinese Pink Hanfu Girl Matryoshka is hanging on a mural I painted on my dining room wall of plum tree branches in bloom. The Japanese Geisha Matryoshka is sitting on a bamboo shelf with a wooden doll my grandmother got in Japan in the 1950's. Next, I'm going to photograph my larger prints in different frames and settings. Please note I am only selling prints in my shop, not framed pieces. I purchased these frames at a local store for a $1 each. Because the illustrations have a white boarder outside of the Matryoshka, I think they look great without matting. So if you are thinking about starting a collection of my Matryoshka you don't have to go to the poor house over framing and matting. :)