Thursday, September 8, 2011

Mexican Matryoshka Sisters

My Mexican Matryoshka Girls: Yucatan, Jalisico Dancer, and Tehuana

As I mentioned in my last post when I was doing research for the much suggested Mexican Matryoshka, I was so inspired by the many regions that feature such beautiful, traditional dress that I decided to illustrate three! So here are my Mexican sister Matryoshka! Pictured above, the middle one is my Jalisico Mexican Dancer that I introduced you to in my last post. The girl on the left is from the Yucatan where the dresses are white with beautifully embroidered flowers. The girl on the right is wearing a black Tehuana dress from Oaxaca, again with embroidered flowers. The Mexican culture is so rich, I hope you like these Matryoshka, they are all now available in my shop. :)