Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Ancient Greek Matryoshka

Ancient Greek Matryoshka
Hello! My latest drawing is an Ancient Greek. She is different from my previous matryoshka drawings in that she is my first profile view. I didn't have to draw her face in profile but many of the examples of ancient Greek artwork depict the profile view and I felt them most inspiring. Also, she is one of the few "ancient" cultural drawings I've done. My first ancient was my Roman Goddess Juno that I drew and blogged about back in 2011. Then in 2014 I drew and blogged about Queen Esther from the book of Esther in the Bible. Also, I see on my suggestions list that I'm four drawings away from drawing an Ancient Assyrian.
Roman Goddess Juno
Queen Esther
As I mentioned, I work from a list of suggestions I get from wonderful people like you from around the world. They contact me on my blog, through social media or through my shops. When I get a suggestion I put it on my list (located in the right hand column of my blog). I work on the list in the order I receive the suggestions. So far I've drawn over 100 cultures, and have over 30 suggestions waiting for me to draw at any given time. I've had so many suggestions it takes quite a while from the time I receive the suggestion to the time I actually get a chance to draw them. People have been remarkably patient and continue to send me suggestions along with photos of the cultures they request. Please, keep your suggestions coming and thank you for your support!

Ancient Greek prints in a variety of sizes are now available in my shop. Merchandise such as postage stamps, postcards, note cards, tote bags, and phone cases are available in my Zazzle shop. Also, coloring sheet instant download files are available in my shop as well.
Ancient Greek coloring sheet file
Roman Goddess Juno coloring sheet file
Queen Esther coloring sheet file
I hope you like my new drawing! If you would like to keep up with my progress you can receive my blog posts by email by signing up in the right hand column of my blog where it says, "Follow by email" (if you haven't already). Also, below are my social media links. Thanks again! :)


Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Two New Spaniard Matryoshkas

Souvenirs my Grandmother brought back from Spain.
Hello, and Happy Valentine's Day to you! I recently found myself looking again at some souvenirs my Grandmother brought back from Spain. I've loved these Flamenco dancers since I was a child: the dolls, fan, and embroidered postcards. I decided to photograph them to share with you some of the things from my childhood that first sparked my curiosity in cultures and ultimately would inspire my work as an adult.

My Grandpa Charles was in the US military and he, my Grandma and their daughters (the oldest is my mother) were stationed and traveled all over the world. Their home was filled with interesting items from their travels. Looking at these items from Spain I started to think, "I really should draw a couple more Flamenco dancers!" So I did, a pink dress version and a red dress version.
Spaniard Pink Dress Matryoshka
Spaniard Red Dress Matryoshka
These new drawings are now available in a variety of sizes in my shop and on merchandise in my zazzle shop. Also available is a new instant download coloring sheet.
Spaniard Matryoshka Coloring Sheet 2nd version
 And just as a reminder, below is my first Spaniard Matryoshka.
Spaniard Green Dress Matryoshka
Do you have a collection of cultural items from your cultural heritage or a culture you are interested in? I love to receive photos from my customers of my artwork displayed with cultural items!! If you do, please take a photo and send it to me on Etsy or Facebook.

My next drawing will come from my suggestions list (in the right hand column of my blog). I recently updated the list to include all suggestions I've received to date. If there is another culture you would like me to add to the list please let me know. Photos of examples of traditional cultural dress are always helpful and appreciated too! :)