Friday, August 20, 2010

Hmong Girl Matryoshka

Introducing my latest illustration "Hmong Girl Matryoshka". This illustration is inspired by Hmong traditional New Year's celebration clothing. There was so much to be inspired by this beautiful people and their culture. I just adore their beaded hats and pleated skirts, and silver coin decorations! I hope you like her. :)

Friday, August 13, 2010

Guatemalan Girl Matryoshka

Introducing my newest illustration, Guatemalan Girl Matryoshka. I really enjoyed drawing her. She is full of joy! My colorful little cherub. I think she and my Peruvian Girl Matryoshka are going to get along famously! They will look so cute paired together, hanging on the wall! I'm so excited! Can you tell? Her festive colors are putting me in the mood for a party! I hope you adore her too! Shameless I know. Sorry, I can't help myself, I love sweet little children. :)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Romanian Saxon Girl Matryoshka

This is my latest illustration a Romanian Saxon Girl Matryoshka. Lorena (lorenabr) requested this matryoshka and requested she wear traditional black and white Saxon style clothing. It was fun doing a mostly black and white illustration. Very different from what I usually do. I did take the liberty to make designs on the black fabric. I don't know if the traditional fabric would be velvety or not but I made the designs to suggest either detail cut into velvet or embroidered black on black. My matryoshkas are inspired by different cultures, not exact copies of the different costumes, so I take allot of creative liberties with them.

I haven't drawn very many blonds. It was a challenge creating enough contrast with fair hair and fair skin. I gave her dark blue eyes because I wanted to make blueberry eyes. I have dark blue eyes and fair skin, so their is a little bit of me in her.

Thank you Lorena for the suggestion! I have had a suggestion for a Belgian matryoshka but I am having a hard time finding any reference material showing traditional clothing. I haven't forgotten the ballerina request! I'm thinking Sugar Plum Fairy! :)