Monday, October 14, 2013

Taino of Boriken, Puerto Rico, Matryoshka

Taino of Boriken (Puerto Rico) Matryoshka

Hello, I have missed reaching out to you, drawing, showing you my work. There is no easy way to say this; after battling cancer for two years, my Dad passed away on May 22. I have been grieving and did not have it in me to draw until now. I loved (love) him very much. So, I hope you will understand my absence. I know my Dad is happy that I am drawing again. 

Above is my Taino of Boriken (Puerto Rico) Matryoshka, she is now available in my shop. Such a wonderful culture suggestion I received. Thank you for all your suggestions. While doing my research I pinned images I found on the web and created a Taino board here

Also new to my shop, I am now offering custom name labeled or culture / nationality labeled 8.5"x11" prints of all my Matryoshka. I have had many requests to add the name of the person for whom the print is being purchased  to the print. So I have created listings for each of my Matryoshka to accommodate this. At purchase, just leave me a note with the name you would like added to the print or the print will be labeled with the culture / nationality. 

The next two on my suggestions list are Argentinian and Canadian. I am having some difficulty in my research for these two so if you have knowledge of these cultures, their history and traditional dress please share it with me. :)