Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Romanian Saxon Girl Matryoshka

This is my latest illustration a Romanian Saxon Girl Matryoshka. Lorena (lorenabr) requested this matryoshka and requested she wear traditional black and white Saxon style clothing. It was fun doing a mostly black and white illustration. Very different from what I usually do. I did take the liberty to make designs on the black fabric. I don't know if the traditional fabric would be velvety or not but I made the designs to suggest either detail cut into velvet or embroidered black on black. My matryoshkas are inspired by different cultures, not exact copies of the different costumes, so I take allot of creative liberties with them.

I haven't drawn very many blonds. It was a challenge creating enough contrast with fair hair and fair skin. I gave her dark blue eyes because I wanted to make blueberry eyes. I have dark blue eyes and fair skin, so their is a little bit of me in her.

Thank you Lorena for the suggestion! I have had a suggestion for a Belgian matryoshka but I am having a hard time finding any reference material showing traditional clothing. I haven't forgotten the ballerina request! I'm thinking Sugar Plum Fairy! :)