Friday, September 25, 2009

Babushka Sneak Peek

This is a sneak peek at the latest series of nesting doll drawings I'm working on. This series of illustrations is inspired by 3 different cultures from 3 very different parts of the world that all use similar colors in their traditional costumes. They are inspired by Peruvian, Tibetan and Portuguese cultures. I have always admired the bright colors of these cultures. My Grandparents lived in Portugal for a time and my Grandmother gave me a black apron she bought while she was there. I have always loved all the colorful embroidery on it. I'll have to photograph it and the red one my Mom has and post here later.

I drew the Peruvian and the Portuguese girls first and am now still tinkering with the Tibetan girls colors. When I'm finished I will post again, along with a link where they will be available.

The plan is to do a second series of toy animals from these same cultures too.