Monday, March 1, 2010

My face hurts from smiling! :D

I love Etsy and I love @Etsy on Twitter. I was sitting at my computer working on an embroidery pattern I'm making using one of my drawings when I decided to check Twitter and saw @Etsy had tweeted, "Circus front page right now is excellent!" I thought, "I have circus illustrations" and then clicked on the link to find YES my Dancing Bear Circus print was featured! Exciting stuff.

Last week I about fell out of my chair when I checked my email and saw my Russian Doll and Snowman Coloring/Activity book featured along with a bunch of cool books in the Etsy Finds: Burn After Reading article in The Storque, Etsy's blog. I'm happy to report that was very good exposure and I sold a number of coloring books as a result. Thank you Etsy people!!! :)