Monday, May 4, 2009

Lovely Drawings

Have you seen Moor's drawings? They are the Bee's Knees! Soooo absolutely beautiful they make me want to cry. She is a Huge talent! This one is called "Moor's girl".

Check out Moor's shop.

Russian Doll Coloring Sheets

Hello world! Today I have been busy converting my Russian Doll portrait illustrations to black and white and I have posted them as a PDF in my shop. :)

In other news- I am feeling a need to Spring clean. I've been drawing all Spring and the dust has really built up around the house. Must, Must Dust this week! Which brings me to another dirty subject. . . my Pig in the Mud illustration. Oink! Joy Refurbished was kind enough to post it on her blog and said nice things about the cute but dirty little piggy. Thank you Joy Refurbished!