Friday, October 21, 2011

Indian Matryoshka Party Favor / Gift Boxes PDF Printable

Indian Matryoshka party favor / gift boxes (constructed)

Indian Matryoshka party favor / gift boxes (backs)

As I mentioned in my post yesterday I'm very excited to be incorporating some of my international Matryoshka illustrations into my party favor / gift box PDF printables. Yesterday I debuted my African Matryoshka boxes and today my Indian Matryoshka boxes. Perfect for holding candy, or small gifts. A decorative party favor, place at each table setting or arrange together as a centerpiece. Whether it's a holiday, dinner party, birthday party, bridal or baby shower, my boxes are appropriate for all. Enjoy! :)

Wondering how they are assembled? Here is a photo of one of my other boxes:
Simple to construct; print, cut one continuous piece, fold, and glue one tab and you have a charming Matryoshka favor box. And yes, this is my original design, box and all! :)