Monday, September 14, 2009

Blog Award

Wendy is a Peach and nominated my blog for this lovely award. It is a cool chick (as my husband would say) don't you think? Anyway, I like the illustration. Also, like that it looks like a postage stamp (my Father is retired from the US Postal Service he he).
Here is the deal, anyone who is currently following my blog and has a blog is eligible for this blog award. Because, let's face it, you all Rock! So, if you like this cute, chick, stamp, award thingy and you would like to display it on your blog, it is yours, do so proudly.
I am not naming names because well, someone might get inadvertently left out and have their feelings hurt (which I would like to avoid) and someone may not agree that this is a really cool looking award. In which case I would hate to give it to someone who didn't want it or appreciate it. Also, some may not like the obligations associated with accepting the award (nominating others and informing them) which I seem to have avoided but seem to be taking just as much time to write this post! lol
In conclusion, did I mention how much I adore Wendy and all her Fab cross stitched items in her shop? I adore the ice cream cone pin and the puppy dog key chain I bought from her as gifts for my daughter (saving for Christmas don't tell!). Also, I really enjoy following her on Twitter and tweeting back and forth! She is very sweet and fun as her profile picture implies! :)