Friday, October 26, 2012

Hungarian of Kalotaszeg, Transylvania Matryoshka

Hungarian of Kalotaszeg, Transylvania Matryoshka

This week I drew a Hungarian of Kalotaszeg, Transylvania Matryoshka! After I had a request to draw her on my blog, I received helpful advice on Facebook on what Hungarian words to use when researching the costume. Thank you for your suggestions and all your helpful tips! While researching I found many wonderful examples on the web and pinned them to a board to share with you here.

In the past I have received interest in seeing my original preliminary sketches so here she is:

You can see this and more of my sketches on my blog.

This is my second Hungarian Matryoshka illustration. You can see my first one in a blog post here, and I drew a Romanian Saxon Matryoshka you can see here.

Also this week, I've joined! It is a brand new site. I am posting these posts (my blog posts) over there too. Soon I am planning on posting some stories about what has inspired me to become an artist and to draw my international / cultural inspired Matryoshka.  So, please stay tuned! :)

I'll be researching and beginning my next illustration for Samoa in the next few days. If you have any tips regarding this culture please let me know. 


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