Friday, February 21, 2014

Burmese, Myanmar Matryoshka

Burmese, Myanmar Matryoshka
This is my Burmese, Myanmar Matryoshka. One of my wonderful collectors sent me oodles of photos from her trip to Myanmar to help inspire me. It was so helpful! Such a beautiful culture! She also shared this helpful explanation (loosely quoted), "Thanaka is a paste made out of powdered boxwood. It is considered almost a national make-up. It is slightly astringent and protects against heat and sun. It is worn by children and women on the face and neck and sometimes arms as well." And, once I completed the drawing and showed her she said, "I love how you worked in the thanaka idea with your signature flower." I love receiving info. on the cultures you suggest and your feedback!! Please keep it coming! :)

I found more images around the web and pinned a board of them to share with you here.  

Just a reminder: Come March, I am changing all Matryoshka print listings in my shop to one listing for each culture/nationality. To choose which size you want to purchase look to the right of the listing where it has the name, price, and "Quantity", under those is "Size". Just click on "Select a size" and a drop down window will appear showing all the sizes. Choose the one you want and the price will adjust according to which print size you choose. If you already have some of my shop's items in your cart, you may want to go ahead and purchase them prior to March because the current listings will disappear and be replaced by the new ones (it may save you having to refill your shopping cart). I hope you like this new shopping experience. I hope it simplifies things and makes shopping with me even more enjoyable.

Oh, and I should say that the coloring sheet PDFs will still be listed separately. You can see the Burmese coloring sheet listing here.