Monday, July 13, 2009

Owl Felted Illustration

A few months back I made a sketch of an owl on a tree limb in front of the harvest moon. I decided I wanted to illustrate it using something different than I had tried before. I have been wanting to try felting so I thought that might be perfect for this illustration. My friend Nadine was kind enough to show me how and this weekend I bought some felting supplies and went to work. The outcome is the top picture you see here.

As I was working on the felting at my parents house my Mom remarked that it reminded her of a toy owl my brother had when he was little. I hadn't thought of it but she was right. That probably was where my mind was drawing inspiration from because I had always loved his windup toy owl. My Dad still has some of my brother's toys so I asked him if I could see it (Dad always knows right were everything is). Dad got it out and to our amazement it still works! I took a movie of it. It chirps too! It was magical to me as a child. I still love it. (Notice what funny feet it has. Looks like they may have used these feet on this toy and a Godzilla toy too! lol)

Owl Treasury

Thank you Snugnluv for including my Owl print in this wonderful "Wise Old Owls" treasury!! It is a Hoot! Snugnluv you are a Peach! What a nice way to start the week. Funny thing is I am currently working on another owl project. So, be on the lookout for more owly posts later this week!