Sunday, August 6, 2017

Nicaraguan Matryoshka

Nicaraguan Matryoshka
Hello! Since my last post, I have completed a Nicaraguan Matryoshka. Prints and a coloring sheet are now available (and other products as well). This is the fourth Central American culture I've drawn. I pinned a board of Nicaraguan images I found around the web here.

Russian Doll & Snowman, A Snow Globe Love Story, Coloring & Activity Book Printable

I also have a new coloring and activity book printable PDF,  "Russian Doll & Snowman, A Snow Globe Love Story"! I have offered this coloring/activity book in the past but now I'm making the file itself available. So you can print as many as you'd like for a one time price. It includes 4 coloring pages, a maze, a "draw your own snow globe scene", and 2 tent card dolls to make. Also a full color cover and a table of contents.