Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ethiopian Girl Matryoshka

Ethiopian Girl Matryoshka

Hello blog friends! I hope you like my newest illustration, an Ethiopian Girl Matryoshka. I have had many requests for her, some of which came from the international adoption community.

Here are a couple of grouping suggestions for her. The first is a blue-green grouping.

Armenian Girl Matryoshka, Ethiopian Girl Matryoshka, and Irish Dancer Matryoshka

The second grouping is of my African Matryoshka.

Southern Nigerian Matryoshka, Ethiopian Girl Matryoshka, and Violet Tuareg Matryoshka

 I love all of your suggestions so please keep them coming! Next on my suggestions list I see a Mexican Girl Matryoshka! I've really been looking forward to her too! Thank you! :)