Monday, May 21, 2012

Moroccan Bride Matryoshka

Moroccan Bride Matryoshka

Hello! My newest illustration is entitled Moroccan Bride Matryoshka. The different size prints, magnets, and DIY PDF coloring sheet, are all now listed in my shop! I found some beautiful Moroccan images around the web and pinned them on a Pinterest board. Please follow my pins Right now I am doing research for my next drawing, an Ancient Egyptian Matryoshka and I am sure that will include a board of pinned inspirations too.

As a gift to you and all those following my blog here is a 10% discount coupon code to use in my shop: BLOGFRIEND10

Other news in my shop:

At a customers request I added a red box to my Matryoshka party favor box PDF. So it is now a seven page PDF in the colors above.

Jack in the Box Pop Up DIY PDF toy crafts
And, back by popular demand my Jack in the Box Pop Up DIY PDF toy crafts! My shop has evolved over the years into specializing in internationally inspired Matryoshka. But I still get requests for this sweet duo so I'm giving in and giving them residence in my shop once more. 

Also, please don't forget, for each purchase of my Nepalese Bride Matryoshka prints I will donate 50% of the purchase price to the BlinkNow Foundation. To learn more about BlinkNow, Kopila Valley Children's Home and School, and the care and education of children in the Surkhet region of Nepal please visit: 
You can see all the Nepalese Bride Matryoshka prints here: