Saturday, January 6, 2018

Belarusian Matryoshka

Belarusian Matryoshka
Happy New Year! New year, new drawing! A Belarusian Matryoshka inspired by the Belarusian people and their traditional dress! Prints and a printable file coloring sheet are now available in my etsy shop and my dot com. These shops are the most personal way to purchase my work. I print out the prints myself, sign and date them on the back, package them, and include a thank you note and other goodies with each shipment.

The printable coloring sheet is available for instant download, so it is fast and convenient. Purchase once and print out as many as you want, whenever you want. Fun for parties, students, groups of kids or adults!
Belarusian Matryoshka Coloring Sheet

Merchandise with my Belarusian Matryoshka is available in my Zazzle shop: postcards, note cards, postage stamps, tote bags, and phone cases. These have been the most popular items but Zazzle offers a multitude of products. So if there is any product that you are interested in purchasing, but don't see available, please let me know so I can make it available.

And because many of you have said you enjoy seeing my preliminary sketches. . .
Belarusian Matryoshka preliminary sketch and design process
You may also enjoy seeing some images of Belarusian traditional dress I found on the web and pinned here.

Again I would like to wish you a wonderful 2018. I'm excited and look forward to bringing you more drawings and designs in the coming year. Thank you for your continued interest and support!! :)