Thursday, May 21, 2015

Istrian, Croatian Matryoshka

Istrian, Croatian Matryoshka
Hello! This week I bring you my Istrian, Croatian Matryoshka. Her prints and a coloring sheet printable file are now available in my Etsy shop. Also, postcards, cards, postage stamps, and tote bags are now available in my Zazzle shop. While doing research for this culture I found images around the web and pinned them to a board here.

Next on my drawing suggestions list is Danish. I am beginning research for her now. Talk to you soon! :)


Friday, May 15, 2015

Bulgarian Matryoshka

Bulgarian Matryoshka
Hello! Introducing my Bulgarian Matryoshka! Prints of her are now available in my Etsy shop and a downloadable coloring sheet. Merchandise such as postcards, cards, postage stamps and tote bags are now available in my Zazzle shop. Also, I've pinned a board that includes all these along with images depicting the Bulgarian traditional dress I found while doing my research. I hope you enjoy!


Thursday, May 7, 2015

Serbian Matryoshka and About My Shops

Serbian Matryoshka
Hello Friend! I'm excited to introduce my Serbian Matryoshka! Prints in various sizes and a down loadable coloring sheet are now available in my Etsy shop. Also, this drawing and all my matryoshka drawings are now available on merchandise in my Zazzle shop.  While doing research, I found a number of beautiful examples of Serbian traditional dress and pinned them to a board here.

Did you know I have three different shopping venues and experiences available for my work?

My Etsy Shop
For a personal shopping experience visit my Here you can order a variety of different sized prints directly from me. I fulfill each print order by printing the drawings myself and hand signing each print. Also, I include a free ACEO print with a hand written thank you note on the back. Here are some of my Etsy items:
Tunisian Girl Matryoshka art print

Cuban Violet Matryoshka coloring sheet PDF

Also at I offer down loadable files such as; coloring sheets, party kits, invitations and thank you notes, favor boxes and toys too! For Example:

Matryoshka Party Kit Printable PDFs

My Zazzle Shop
My shop offers merchandise featuring all my Matryoshka drawings as; postcards, cards, postage stamps, and tote bags. is responsible for fulfilling all of these orders. Here are some examples:

Ukrainian Girl Matryoshka Stamps
Ukrainian Girl Matryoshka Stamps by AmyPerrotti
See more Nationality Stamps at
Korean Girl Matryoshka Bag
Korean Girl Matryoshka Bag by AmyPerrotti
Design unique personalized bags online at

My Spoonflower Shop
In addition to my Matryoshka drawings, occasionally I do other types of designs and drawings. At you can find a variety of my designs on fabric, wallpaper, and gift wrap. fulfills all the orders. Here are some examples of the designs:

Alice Props, Pink on Light Blue
From my Alice in Wonderland Props Collection

Perfume Atomizer Green
From my Perfume Collection

Rosette Bouquet Blue, Yellow, Orange
From my Rosette Bouquet Collection

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