Sunday, January 16, 2011

Italian Girl Matryoshka

Italian Girl Matryoshka

Ciao! Well, it is about time I drew an Italian Girl Matryoshka isn't it? I mean, my last name is Italian, my husband is Italian, even my Grandfather was Italian. Also, I have had requests for her. What can I say, I am only one artist and there are so many people to draw! :)

I have departed from my usual very symmetrical style of drawing matryoshka and stayed truer to my original sketch with this one. There is a lot to live up to when drawing an Italian! Leonardo, Michelangelo, I mean the pressure! LOL Anyway, I hope you like her.

Also, I want to share with you links to two recent blog posts about my work. The first one is a lovely lady and her family, who's little girl just turned 5. She had a matryoshka themed birthday party and contacted me to ask if I could make an Afghan Matryoshka for her daughter Ava, which I did (I love it when people give me suggestions). The party was a huge success and she has posted about the party and included photos on her blog The Art of Family.

The second blog post is on my friend Carrie's blog The Vintage Wren (also the name of her wonderful Etsy vintage store). Carrie and I went to school together and were inseparable. We had such fun studying Graphic Design and Art together and are still good friends. Carrie wrote a very kind post about my work, you can read it here. In addition to Carrie's vintage shop she also has an art shop- The Artful Apple and a knitting shop- Lily & Lulu filled with beautifully knitted garments and creative and inspiring renderings. Here are a couple of my favorites:
Tuesday (cowl)
I don't know how Carrie does it all; three shops, three children, a beautiful blog with incredible photography and she is beautiful as well, in every way. :)