Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Aboriginal Australian Matryoshka

Aboriginal Australian Matryoshka

Hello friends! This is my latest work an Aboriginal Australian Matryoshka! She was such fun to draw I hope you like the finished product! Prints in a variety of sizes and a downloadable coloring sheet are now available in my Etsy shop and postage stamps, postcards, note cards and tote bags are available in my zazzle shop.

I've also been busy coming up with fall designs for my spoonflower shop. Two of the collections are Owl and Oak Night and Owl and Oak Day.

Owl and Oak Night
Owl and Oak Day

This summer I saw the new film version of Far from the Madding Crowd and then read the book by Thomas Hardy. They inspired me to draw this design, Shepherd, also available in my spoonflower shop.


If you have a suggestion of a culture you would like me to draw in a matryoshka shape or a type of design you would like me to offer in my spoonflower shop please leave a comment on my blog or on one of my social media accounts.