Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Birthday Surprise!

For my birthday I ordered a "Upcycled Surprise Box" from beachchicken! I ordered it a month before my birthday but I was good and didn't open it, gave it to my husband to hide away so I would have a surprise. I looked forward to opening it like a little kid! FINALLY, my birthday morning came and I joyfully opened my surprises!!! Beachchicken makes such wonderful upcycled, recycled and recreated pieces! The contents of my surprise box were one journal- unlined, perfect for sketching, a pair of pretty earrings, two cheery note cards with envelopes, an itty bitty note book, and a big circle crayon with rubbing instructions and project ideas. I love it all! My daughter has a collection of little notebooks and adored this teddy bear one so I had to give it to her- giving is more fun than receiving! And, she and I can't wait to do the crayon rubbing projects. The fun thing about the surprise boxes is the contents of each box are different. So I'm looking forward to the next holiday when I can surprise and be surprised!