Friday, June 5, 2009

My Collection of Inspiring Piggies!

Top picture is a piggy bank I keep in my kitchen! Kind of a joke, having a foot tall piggy standing on my kitchen island. He, he, he. I ADORE it! My husband and daughter got it for me from an antique store for my birthday.

Bottom picture are mostly items I treasure from my childhood. A Three Little Pigs book, night light, motif dolls dress and the sweetest pink piggy stuffed animal. I always thought its feet looked like pink marshmallows and wanted to eat them up I loved it so much! The night light still works! The piggy key chain is from my sweet husband.

If you are wondering, Yes, I kept just about everything from my childhood. Now I get to play with them all over again with my daughter! :)

Sweet Cuties In My Kitchen