Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Panamanian Matryoshka

Panamanian Matryoshka
I've been itching to draw this Panamanian Matryoshka for about a year now! Most of the time I work exclusively from my suggestions list and you all give me really great suggestions too but this one I added to my suggestions list myself. I was so inspired by the Panamanian Pollera (dress) and the Folklore dancers, such a beautiful culture. :)

Last winter I was on a search for marketing knowledge and discovered Mayi Carles a wonderful Artist/marketing guru who is a wealth of knowledge and delivers it in a very entertaining way. Her Friday video posts on her website are a hoot and I look forward to watching them every week. Mayi is Panamanian and she is so delightful and intriguing that I just had to learn more about Panamanian culture. I signed up for one of her shop critiques and received so much great advice from her that going on a year later I'm still in the process of implementing it all! You can learn more about Mayi on her website heartmadeblog and "subscribe" to receive emailed updates from her.

Also, I am proud to say that just last week I was able to check off another one of the things on the list of great advice Mayi gave me— I added a "Follow by email" gadget to my blog (it is at the top of the right hand column) it is brand new to blogger! Just enter your email address to receive updates from me and keep up with all my latest Matryoshka illustrations! Please sign up and thank you for all your support.

Amy Perrotti