Thursday, September 6, 2012

Ugandan Matryoshka

Ugandan Matryoshka
Hello! This is my Ugandan Matryoshka illustration now available in my shop in a variety of different size prints, magnets, and a coloring sheet PDF. My customer that suggested her said that Uganda is known as "The Pearl of Africa". Also, in my research for this illustration I learned that the traditional dress is called a Gomesi. You can see some of the inspirations that I found when doing my research on the board I created of pinned images here.

Here is a grouping Suggestion:
Southern Nigerian Matryoshka, Ugandan Matryoshka, Bahia Brazilian Matryoshka

Next on my suggestions list is Abigail Adams. I am searching for a good portrait of her in her youth to go by as a reference. I'm not happy with what little I've been able to find so far. I may skip on down my suggestions list until I am able to solve my Abigail Adams mystery.