Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mother's Day, Showers, Festive Parties

Hello, I want to share a fun idea with you that one of my customers recently shared with me! She is having a party and is going to use my Babushka tent card dolls as place cards on her table and my Russian doll magnets as party favors. Since I too love a theme it inspired me to take this photo and include my Sunny Russian doll gift set. They are all so colorful and make a festive party theme don't you think? Pass the salsa!

Matryoshkas (Russian Nesting Dolls) as a theme are a wonderful way to celebrate women and femininity for Mother's Day, a bridal shower or a baby shower. Here are some more items that could be grouped together to make a pretty Matryoshka theme celebration: Spring Breeze Russian Doll pinback buttons, Spring Petals Russian Doll pocket mirrors, and A, B, and C of my Russian Doll Magnets.

Happy party giving! :) Amy