Tuesday, November 15, 2011

24 Matryoshka Print Proofs / Seconds

24 Matryoshka Print Proofs / Seconds

I've just listed a pack of proofs / seconds in my shop! While drawing my illustrations I print out proofs to check the colors and then make necessary adjustments. Also, not every print comes out perfect. Sometimes there may be an imperfection in the paper or in the print quality. I save all my printed proofs and seconds but they are piling up and I need to clear them out of my studio. So you are in luck if you are wanting to buy a bunch of my prints and don't mind an occasional flaw or that some of them aren't the final illustration. The first photo shows the stack of 24 prints packaged together in a cello sleeve. The second, third and fourth photos show all the prints that are included in the pack. This great deal is now available in my shop! :)

UPDATE November 16, 2011: I've sold my first pack so I've listed another here! :)

UPDATE #2 December 27, 2011: I've sold my second pack so I've listed another here! :)

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Nepalese Matryoshka Fundraising for the BlinkNow Foundation

Nepalese Bride Matryoshka Close-Up, Fundraiser for the BlinkNow Foundation

Nepalese Bride Matryoshka, Fundraiser for the BlinkNow Foundation

Recently I learned about Maggie Doyne's Kopila Valley Children's Home and School, and the BlinkNow Foundation from my friend Nadine who has a friend, a nurse, who is going there to set up a health clinic. Nadine sent me a link to the BlinkNow.org website where I watched Maggie speak at "The Do Lectures" (below). Tears streamed down my face as I watched this courageous, compassionate, and committed woman, as I heard her story and learned about the work that she and her parents and family, and the local people of Nepal are doing to improve the lives of Children in the Surkhet region of Nepal. It made me hopeful for the future of the human race that people can be so committed to helping others. I share in Maggie's hope that one day all children will have the love that they need and their basic needs met. Watching and hearing her story made me believe that, in this sometimes too pessimistic world, it is really possible. I was inspired to divert my attention from my list of nationality/ethnicity drawing suggestions and create a Nepalese Bride Matryoshka illustration. I also contacted BlinkNow and received permission to promote and donate 50% of the sales price of each print to the BlinkNow Foundation. I hope you like my Nepalese Bride Matryoshka and enjoy Maggie's "The Do Lectures" inspiring video.

Maggie Doyne — Why the human family can do better from The Do Lectures on Vimeo.