Monday, December 8, 2014

Bougainvillean Matryoshka and New DIY printables!

Bougainvillean Matryoshka
Hello all! My latest drawing is a Bougainvillean Matryoshka. My husband and I watched the film Mr. Pip, directed byAndrew Adamson, adapted from the novel Mister Pip by Lloyd Jones. The film and the beautiful people of Bougainville inspired me to learn more about the people, culture and history of Bougainville. I hope this drawing inspires others to do the same. I pinned some images of Bougainvilleans to a board here.

Also, since my last post I have designed some new DIY printables with my Sugar Plum Fairy. An ornament:

Sugar Plum Fairy Ornament (Front)
Sugar Plum Fairy Ornament (Back)

And a Sugar Plum Fairy box:
Sugar Plum Fairy box (Front)

Sugar Plum Fairy box (Back)