Thursday, March 31, 2011

Akha Girl Matryoshka

Akha Girl of Thailand Close-Up Portrait

Akha Girl of Thailand

I have just completed my Akha Girl Matryoshka illustration! While working from my suggestions list I came to Thai and in my research came across this beautiful and interesting people. The Akha people live in various regions of Asia but in my research for this illustration I focused on the Akha people living in Thailand where they are referred to as hill tribe people. So this is the first of my Thai Matryoshka illustrations, she is all silver adornments (and colorful beads) and my next traditional Thai Matryoshka will be all gold adornments. Please keep the great suggestions coming! :)

Below is my grouping suggestion for this illustration.

Hmong Girl Matryoshka, Akha Girl Matryoshka, Tibetan Girl Matryoshka

Friday, March 25, 2011

Turk Bride Matryoshka Illustration

Turk Bride Matryoshka Close-Up Portrait

Turk Bride Matryoshka

Happy Friday! I completed my Turk Bride Matryoshka this morning and listed all items of her in my shop. She is the first of my Matryoshkas that I have titled "Bride" but not the first that incorporates in their traditions gold coin jewelry and adornments. You may remember my Greek and my Afghan Matryoshkas. Below are three that would make a nice grouping of blues, golds, reds and rusts. I hope you like my newest Matryoshka and please remember your cultural suggestions are most welcome! :)

Cambodian Girl Matryoshka, Turk Bride Matryoshka, and Greek Matryoshka

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hungarian Girl Matryoshka Illustration

Hungarian Girl Matryoshka

Happy spring! I just completed a Hungarian Matryoshka illustration. She wears my version of traditional Hungarian, Kalocsa dress, complete with floral embroidery. Thank you for your continued support and suggestions.

Here are more of my matryoshkas wearing aprons:
Portuguese Girl Matryoshka

Polish Girl Matryoshka

Czech Girl Matryoshka

Chilean Girl Matryoshka

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Norwegian Girl Matryoshka and Norwegian Purse

Norwegian Girl Matryoshka and Norwegian Traditional Purse illustrations
Hi everybody! Thank you to everyone who has participated in my BOGO sale celebrating my shop's 2 year anniversay! It is still going on as I write this post. Fittingly, my latest Martyoshka illustration has a companion illustration, a Norwegian Traditional Purse. Knowing I just created this pair of illustrations, I couldn't take down my BOGO sale yet could I??? It just wouldn't be fair! :)

The Norwegian culture was kindly suggested by a customer. In my research for this drawing I enjoyed learning about Norwegian bunads, traditional costumes worn by men and women alike. I especially fell in love with the purses. When I was finished drawing, and realized how small the purse would be in the final print, I decided this just would not do! So, I created a companion print to the Matryoshka of just the purse. I hope you like them both! :)