Thursday, October 4, 2012

Ndebele Matryoshka

Ndebele Matryoshka

Hello! This week I bring you my Ndebele Matryoshka, another beautiful South African culture. The Ndebele culture is a feast of color and geometric shapes. So many wonderful design elements and adornments! I really enjoyed my research, learning about and drawing her. I hope you like her too! You can see some of my inspirations I found on the web and compiled on a board here. All items for my Ndebele Matryoshka are now available in my shop.

Two weeks ago I introduced you to my Xhosa Matryoshka my first South African matryoshka. In about another two weeks I'll complete my Zulu South African Matryoshka.

Next on my suggestions list is Miao of China. My daughter is Chinese American so I am hoping to get her to pose for it. I love to draw her so I am super excited!