Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Mushrooms and Snails pattern design

I have a new pattern design called Mushrooms and Snails. It is available on a variety of fabric, wallpaper, and home decor in my spoonflower shop. I got the idea to make this design when I was working on my Crazy Quilt and Embroidery Stitches design. I had been wanting to make a mushroom design and some of the browns of the Crazy Quilt were reminding me of mushroom colors. So since this design was inspired by that one, I decided to include the same embroidery stitches around the mushrooms and one animal because the Crazy Quilt has a pig. To be in scale with the mushrooms I chose a snail. Besides, snails are so cute! Please note: The embroidery stitches will be printed, along with the rest of the design, and are not actually embroidered.

I created nine different color combinations for this design. Above and below are examples of all the color combos and some of the products. I'm also including color combo labeled swatches below.

Mushrooms and Snails color combos

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