Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Lebanese Matryoshka

Lebanese Matryoshka
Hello, I have completed a Lebanese Matryoshka! It was a bit of a challenge incorporating the Tantour headdress into the Matryoshka shape but it gave me the opportunity to include my cloud motif in the background. The sky surrounding her fit in with the nature, growing out of the earth- mountain and even tent feeling I was getting while drawing her. I received an anonymous request to draw her asking that the Lebanese flag's red and white striped colors with a green cedar tree be incorporated. So the colors are in her outfit and her jacket is green and also an abstract shape of the cedar tree. I have pinned a board of images I found on the web while doing research for her here. Also, I have listed my Lebanese Matryoshka prints and coloring sheet PDF in my shop. I hope you like her! :)


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