Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sorb/Wend/Lusatian Matryoshka

Sorb/Wend/Lusatian Matryoshka
Hello! I've really been on a role here lately drawing a Matryoshka illustration a week. I hope to keep this up because my suggestions list is quite long. One of my customers contacted me and said that her heritage was Sorb/Wend/Lusatian. Wow! What a mouthful! After drawing 50 plus illustrations of different cultures it is always exciting to discover that there are so many more out there. And once again I am amazed by the uniqueness of the elaborate decorations used in their traditional dress. While researching for this illustration I came across some wonderful images that inspired me. I have pinned a board of these Sorb/Wend/Lusatian photos. . . check out all the scarves, embroidery and lace! All items for my Sorb/Wend/Lusatian Matryoshka are now listed in my shop.


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