Thursday, May 26, 2011

Swiss Girl Matryoshka

Swiss Girl Matryoshka Close-Up Portrait

Swiss Girl Matryoshka

Hello, this is my Swiss Girl Matryoshka! She was inspired by the women of Nidwalden Switzerland. Their white shirts have pleated (starched I would think) sleeves with black bands and lace cuffs. Black lace covers the lower part of the arms. I really enjoyed drawing all the lace!! Silver adornments include a hair stick and chains on the bodice of the dress. I hope you like her!

I have just added my suggestions list to the right hand column of my blog, so you can see what is coming up next and make sure I have added any nationality/ethnicity suggestions you have made. I work on my suggestions list from the top down (in the order that they were suggested). I haven't researched all of these yet and I can only draw them if I find sufficient examples in my research. If you make a suggestion, photos or links to examples are most helpful! Please leave me a link in a comment or convo me on Etsy with a photo. Thank you for your suggestions, and please keep them coming!! :)


SonatasWelt said...

Dear Amy,
she is wonderful!!! I love her detailed drawing of clothes.

Amy Perrotti said...

Thank you Sonata! :)