Saturday, September 25, 2010

New- Pakistani and Cambodian Close-Up Matryoshka Portraits!

Pakistani and Cambodian Close-Up Matryoshka Portraits
I drew these two Matryoshka in succession (first the Cambodian and then the Pakistani). I enjoyed drawing all the gold adornments so much that I wanted to draw another culture that wore allot of gold. This is why I always think of these two Matryoshka girls as going together, my Gold Sisters! Also, the Jasmine flowers in their hair. That is why I'm posting these two close-up portraits at the same time (Cambodian and Pakistani). I hope you like them! :)


pinkglitterfae said...

I love gold in art, I bet these are even more gorgeous in person! loving all the detailing you've added as well

Amy Perrotti said...

Thank you pinkglitterfae! :D