Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sweet Holiday DIY Gift Tag PDF

I just added these sweet little guys to my shop! :) They are available as a sweet and convenient DIY PDF. Purchase and print as many as you want as often as you want! I myself am fighting the urge to print out a million of them and set them up on the floor all over my house while blaring some classical music and maybe even do a stop action movie with them!!! :O LOL I've gone mad with cuteness! ;)


Anonymous said...

Hi Amy, I am not sure if my last message got through to you. Sometime my comp freezes and this was one of though time.
Thank you so much for your lovely warm and caring message.
Lovely to see your christmas cards and new mummy's holding their babies.
So cute! Love the side poses with their hair swaying over their shoulders. Must be grandma helping them.


Amy Perrotti said...

Thank you Julie! :)

Holly said...

Ooooh just look at them! They are so cute! I love the way you've "zoomed in" like that. The penguin made me smile. :-)

Amy Perrotti said...

Thank you Holly!! :>

Stel.la said...

Really genuine!

Amy Perrotti said...

Thank you Stel.la! :)