Friday, June 26, 2009

One Lovely Blog Award Recipients

There are so many lovely blogs/lovely people out there. It was difficult to choose only 15. Here are 15 I think are lovely. If they accept the nomination for the One Lovely Blog Award they can each then choose 15 blogs to give the award to and share the love further. Congratulations to all the recipients! Happy Blogging, and thank You for reading my blog!


wendy said...

ty for the award for It's Been Stitched. I'll let the other ladies know..we all co write the blog together!

Claudia Botero said...

Muchas gracias Amy,,, es todo un honor que me hayas nominado!!!

Thank you very much. I just reviwed the others blogs, all of them are beautiful!

Unknown said...

Hello Amy, was going to give a prize to your blog, when I see that already you have the same prize, and in addition already you have chosen to 15 blog and my surprise is to see that I am between(among) the 15, not me habia well-informed.... Thank you very much, now I take a prize as a value of two..

Issa said...

Thank you Amy...
Estoy felíz de que hayas pensado en mí para este premio.
Es todo un honor viniendo de tí.

Yasmin said...

I am half dizzy.. actually I saw that there was reward for people.. but I didn't see that it was here also my name... maybe I walk with my weak vision.. or it imagined that I didn't deserve.... I don't know.
Same late...Thak you sooooooooo much!!!!