Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Monarch Butterfly

We have been raising monarch butterflies for the last few weeks and today was the day to release them. Happy to say all 9 made it. It has been fun. My maternal instincts got quite a workout. I love babies!! Doesn't matter if its human, beast or insect evidently. This one pictured hung around for a long time on a wisteria flower. Here, I am holding the wisteria upside down with one hand photographing with the other. It was windy too, I can't believe the photo came out! 


nadine said...

I'm in! I think you may have been right about it crashing when you are updating.
I think you should do an illo of this photograph. The colours remind me of your work :-)

Amy Perrotti said...

Thanks Nadine for your comment. Funny thing I've fallen in love with one of the photos taken that day (a combination of the colors and subject matter. It is an expanded view of what you see here really. And I have been working on illustrating it. :D

Moor Girl said...

Hey!that must be funny to raising butterflies,how cute thing!