Monday, April 13, 2009


This weekend I was asked to do an interview for a cool blog Agent Dreamer. I was a little hesitant at first because I am a private, shy person, but I'm glad I did it because it was a really good experience. Agent Dreamer put me at ease and asked me great questions. If you've read my shop profile then you know it is a little thin (to say the least) and greatly lacking information about me. The interview is helping me think about what should be added to my profile. So, Thank you Agent Dreamer and I also appreciate the publicity of course!

I've also done a version of  "Kismet at the Snow Ball" with Russian Doll's costume more of a pear green instead of a yellowish Bartlett pear color. Which do you like best? I think I just really like the word Bartlett. LOL. Maybe I should look up other types of pears that are green and see if there is another name I can fall in love with.


nadine said...

Just taking a quick peek through the haze of my cold... Love the Kismet series already. You have a great talent for seeing a storyline where others might just envision one simple illustration. That is your gift!
Enjoyed reading the interview. I really do think it is important to open yourself up in order for others to connect to you and your work. I'm sure you will find your comfort zone between privacy and community.

Amy Perrotti said...

I hope you are feeling better soon! I'm glad you like this series. :D I do love a theme!!
Thanks for being supportive.